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    Reddy bird printing with CraftBot
    CraftBot, works right out of the box
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    CraftBot - Indiegogo fully funded
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    CraftWare the fastest slicer
    Advanced FREE 3D printer software
    Smart object management
    Interactive support management
    Fast & efficient slicing algorithm
    Works with REPRAP printers too
    Written from scratch

Like Smash Hit Bird Facebook page through the game and win a CraftBot! 10,000 likes and a lucky player gets a CraftBot Special Reddytion 3D desktop printer! Play our favourite flappy game and like Smash Hit Bird now! Smash It or Crash It... or Print It!

Rapid Prototyping at it's finest!

CraftWare with ball bearings CraftBot Gentian Blue

Feature highlights

Robust, preciese like an industrial robot


A well designed precise 3D printer created by experienced engineers.

Core XY mechanism

Core XY mechanism

Less traveling weight = rapid acceleration.

Custom electronics

Custom hardware

CraftBot utilizes ARM Cortex-M3 based high speed hardware.

Custom firmware

Custom firmware

Our own firmware optimized for CraftBot, but still highly tweakable.

Heatable and removable platform

Heatable & removable build platform

For the best printing results, avoid the warping of printed objects.

Multi channel communication

CraftBot dual channel communication

Allows immediate user interaction during printing.

Interactive printing

Interactive printing

Users may alter printing parameters during the printing process.

Large build area

Large objects

With a build volume of 250x200x200mm (approx. 10" x 8" x 8")

CraftBot is a high precision 3D printer

Precision printing

100 microns per layer, no problem!

CraftWare is a custom slicer software


Free & universal 3D printer software. Utilizes an advanced slicing algorithm.

We're not the only ones excited happy about CraftUnique products...

CraftBot & CraftWare is very popular worldwide. Meet our partners and customers.

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