Craftbot 2 MIX
the one for you

Not only is it very reliable and accurate, but it also looks great.

No wonder there are just 100 of them.

Be among the lucky ones who own a limited edition
CraftBot 2
mix 3D printer!

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Speaking of luck, if you buy it until 30 August and register your bicolored CraftBot 2 with us, you can be one of the three lucky contestants who win 5 kg of filament. Simple as that.

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Before committing yourself to CraftBot 2 MIX,
you surely want to know more about it.

The 6 greatest virtues of our 3D printer:

Exceptional build volume
25 x 20 x 20 cm (cca. 10” x 8” x 8”)
Reassuring toughness
CraftBot 2 has a massive all-steel frame
Stunning accuracy
up to 50 micron / layer resolution
Easy to deal with
winner in Plug ‘N’ Play category for 2017
Great flexibility
pause & resume printing whenever you want
Attractive price
winner in Budget category for 2016

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