About Us

Our company

CraftUnique Ltd was established in 2008 and changed its activities to software and hardware development in 2013. Our company is an innovative global electronics and IT company. We are able to achieve our goals based on an explicit understanding of our customers' needs and continually strive to develop ground-breaking new technologies. Our team is made up of experienced hardware and software developers working in the industry for over a decade. We have strong experience with CNC machines and robotics as well as electronics and software development. We have successfully completed projects supported by the European Union. Our job is our passion, and we would love to see others using our innovative technology.

Our goals

At CraftUnique we believe that 3D printing must be available for a much wider spectrum of people. Our primary goal is to bring cost effective but quality 3D printers to everyone. It is our hope that this will be the foundation for further development and a greater innovative future.