Perforated build plate for CraftBot XL

Perforated build plate for Craftbot XL.

Price: $125.00 USD

Our latest and greatest custom buildplate ad-on option, although it will work well with all the standard printing materials, was created with the intention of supporting ABS and other more exotic filaments; specifically those which have the toughest time building a strong adhesion to the printing surface in the base layer. The plate itself is made from a fusion of fiberglass and copper and includes a real gold plating to aid with longevity against oxidation, all-the-while retaining excellent conductivity. The one necessity to keep in mind while using this buildplate is that all prints MUST be sliced beforehand with a "raft" in the base layers; this allows for an almost fail-safe adhesion given the raft's structural characteristics, furthermore guaranteeing the best outcome with the finished print.